Bamboo Crystal Candle

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Bamboo symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts. Bring the good energy of luck and fortune into your home with refreshing and calming scent of Bamboo. Fresh medley of green bamboo, aloe vera, melon and pine. Topped with Green Aventurine crystal for calmness and luck.  

Top notes: Aloe Vera, Melon, Lemon
Middle notes: Bamboo, Moss
Base notes: Chrysanthemum, Amber, Pine

Crystal: Green Aventurine
Botanical: Palo Santo Wood and Green Everlasting Florals

Net Weight: 2oz / 57g
Burn time: Approximately 13 hours
Cotton wick 
Comes with a crystal card, white box and reusable cotton pouch

Net Weight: 5oz / 140g
Burn time: Approximately 35 hours
Open glass jar design
Comes with a crystal card and candle box

Net Weight: 9oz / 255g
Burn time: Approximately 70 hours
Comes with bamboo wood air-tight lid, a 
crystal card, and reusable cotton pouch

Made with 100% Vegan Soy Wax - every The Rituals Co. Candle is made with a clean burning, non-toxic, paraben-free soy wax formula. 

. Scented consciously with pure essential oils and plant-based fragrance oil blend. Our candle scents are free from nasty chemicals such as paraben and carcinogens, making them child and pet friendly.

. Hand poured in small batches, labeled and shipped from Singapore.


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