Volcanic Rock Hanging Diffuser - Refill Pack

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This is a 2x refill packs for Volcanic Rock Hanging Diffuser.

Effortless and convenient scenting to permeate your car journey or keep your wardrobe fresh. Suitable to be used in car, wardrobe, drawer, luggage, or any small enclosed space. 

Store in a cool place. Keep away from sunlight, heat and open flame. 

Last up to 2 months. Duration of use may vary depending on the space, temperature and humidity conditions.

Pear and Freesia - Luscious scent of juicy ripe pears, floral white freesia and warm subtle aroma of patchouli. A crowd favourite that's perfect for all-day scent. 

White Tea - Luxurious combination of white tea, mandarin, bergamot and a subtle hint of jasmine and ginger. Create an ultimate spa and hotel lobby experience in the comforts of your home. Fill your space with an uplifting scent of White Tea for a sense of calm and elegance.  

Yuzu Lavender - Medley of freshly-squeezed citrus and yuzu blended with soothing lavender, rounded out with a touch of vetiver and amber. The perfect scent to calm and invigorate all-day-round.

Oakmoss and Amber - Gender-neutral and soothing. A captivating blend of orange, grapefruit infused with woody notes and musky sweet aroma o

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