Trio Bundle - Multi-use Sanitizer Mist

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A natural sanitizer mist crafted with your wellness in mind.

Blended with pure essential oils for a natural longer-lasting scent. Our 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer formula is tough on germs and viruses yet gentle and moisturising for extra care to your skin. 

Multifunctional use: Perfect use as a hand sanitizer, pillow and room mist or yoga mat spray.

This bundle will be packed in a rituals reusable cotton pouch.

Namaste is a beautiful blend of freshly-squeezed orange, refreshing bergamot, woody cedar and soothing lavender. A perfect scent harmony to uplift and calm your senses.

Cedar Rose is an infusion of floral red roses and geranium with a heartwarming base note of woody cedar and a hint of fresh lemon.

Lime Mojito is a freshly invigorating twist of the classic mojito cocktail. This scent fuses notes of zesty lime and verbena with a hint of freshly muddled mint. An instant perk-me-up that keeps your hands germs-free and smelling super fresh. 

3x 30ml spray bottle, a handy size to store and use on-the-go.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and open wound. Flammable / Inflammable. Please recycle or dispose of packaging thoughtfully. Shake well before spraying.

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Customer Reviews

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Li Lian
Trio Bundle - Multi-use Sanitizer Mist

Awesome! Love the natural fragrances. No sticky feeling. Exquisite packaging. Makes a great gift.

Very therapeutic...

Really love the therapeutic smell of the hand sanitisers from The Rituals Co. Will try out the candles soon! 😊

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