Scented Wax Tablet

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Scented Wax Tablet, is a natural air freshener to scent your small spaces. Fill your 

wardrobe and cabinets with a natural soothing scent daily. 

Made with natural soy and beeswax blend. Infused with natural scents, floral botanicals and crystals.

Scent will naturally diffuse for 4-6 months. You can refresh the wax tablet by dripping 1-2 drops of your favourite scent oils on the surface or reuse the scented tablet as wax melts with a heat lamp. 

Come with organza ribbons to tie and hang your wax tablet onto any fixtures easily.

Winter Woods - infused with palo santo wood chips, pine cone, botanicals, gold flakes and Green Aventurine crystals.

Apple Pumpkin Spice - infused with natural cinnamon stick, pine cone, floral botanicals, gold flakes and Carnelian crystals.

Rose Bouquet - infused with rose floral botanicals, gold flakes and raw Rose Quartz crystal.

Pear and Freesia - infused with jasmine floral botanicals, floral botanicals and raw Green Fluorite crystals.


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