Reed Diffuser Refill Kit

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We get it, we all love a new scent but sometimes feel a little guilty about all the packaging that comes with it. So our customers have asked for reed diffuser refills and we've delivered!

Our Reed Diffuser Refill Kits are a convenient way to replenish your existing botanical diffuser bottles with the same beautiful fragrances, without throwing out the beautiful glass bottle, crystal chips and botanicals you love.

Top up your existing diffuser scent, or try a new scent!

Our 100ml refill bottle will completely fill your Rituals reed diffuser glass bottle. Each refill kit includes 3 fresh rattan reeds for you to enjoy a refreshed scent experience.

Your 100ml refill fragrance comes in a recyclable frosted glass bottle and rituals cotton pouch, everything is packaged to be reusable and recyclable, helping you to stay mindful of minimising as much excess packaging. 

- 1 x 100ml Reed Diffuser Refill 
- 3 x White Rattan Reed Sticks
- 1x Mini Funnel (per order)

Last approx 3 months

When you are refilling your empty Rituals reed diffuser glass bottle with a new fragrance, make sure to remove any fragrance residue by inverting your bottle onto a thick piece paper towel to drain the residual fluids.

Once your bottle has been drained, carefully place your funnel on top of the original diffuser bottle, rest the refill bottle's mouth onto the funnel, slowly fill with your new fragrance through the funnel into original diffuser bottle. Add 2-3 fresh reed sticks into to bottle and enjoy your new diffuser scent!


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