Hanging Wax Diffuser

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Hanging Wax Diffuser, is a natural air freshener to scent your small spaces. Fill your wardrobe, cabinets or small enclosed spaces with a natural soothing scent daily. 

Made with natural soy and beeswax blend. Infused with natural scents, floral botanicals and crystals.

Scent will naturally diffuse for up to 6 months. You can reuse the scented tablet as wax melts with a heat lamp or breaking it into smaller pieces in heating it up in an oil burner. 

Come with satin ribbons to tie and hang your wax tablet onto any fixtures easily.

Wax products are not suitable to be used under harsh heat or direct sunlight. Store in a cool place. Keep away from sunlight, heat and open flame. 

Rose Bouquet - infused with rose and white floral botanicals, Rose Quartz crystal for a healing energy of universal love and harmony.

Pear and Freesia - infused with jasmine and white floral botanicals, Green Aventurine crystals for intuition, renewal and uplifting energy.

Lime Basil and Mandarin - infused with dried orange slice, orange floral botanicals and Citrine crystals for prosperity, confidence and joy.

Moonlight Magic (Blackberry and Bay Leaf) - infused with midnight green floral botanicals and Grey Moonstone crystals for positivity and protection.

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