Mini Candle and Tea Mug Set

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Delectably curated candle scent and tea pairing by The Rituals Co. x Thee. Savour the healing scent of Rituals candle while sipping a rejuvenating cup of hot / cold brewed Tea by Thee. 

- 1x Mini 2oz Crystal Soy Candle 
- 1x Box of THEE Nespresso®-Compatible Tea Capsules
- 1x Holographic Mug Set with Lid and Gold Spoon

Comes packed in a gift box, perfect for gifting and a treat for yourself.


Pear and Freesia Candle - Fill your space with the luscious scent of juicy ripe pears, floral white freesia and warm subtle aroma of patchouli. Crystal: Green Fluorite | Botanical: Organic jasmine buds 
+ Mocha Mint Tea (Caffeine-free)Delightful blend of earthy and chocolatey notes. Pleasant lingering, cooling aftertaste. 

Lavender and Sage Crystal Candle -  Calming notes of lavender and clary sage, with a hint of magnolia, peppermint and lemon peel. This soothing scent calms the mind and relieves anxiety. Crystal: Purple amethyst | Botanical: Natural Lavender
+ Lucky Grey Tea - A remake of the classic. Invigorating black earl grey tea with a burst of refreshing lychee zest.

Rose Bouquet Candle - Floral notes of freshly plucked rose petals and pink geranium with a hint of lemon peel and wild honey. Crystal: Rose quartz  | Botanical: Rose buds and petals
+ Honey Granate Tea - Rejuvenating, light floral blend of Pomegranate and sweet Honey aroma that brings you to cloud nine.

Lime Basil and Mandarin Crystal Candle - Uplifting citrus notes of lime and mandarin oranges, with a hint of basil, aromatic thyme and cedar wood. This refreshing scent is an instant mood-lifter. Crystal: Citrine | Botanical: Citrus slices and everlasting Hydrangeas
+ SuPu'Er Auspicious Tea - Subtle hints of citrus makes this auspicious pairing of Pu Erh and Orange Peel is a joy to indulge. 


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