Easy Banana Oat Pancakes

Commitment is freaking hard.

Recently on Instagram I publicly acknowledged that I have a problem with “being healthy”. The thing is everyone knows that a bar (or bars) of chocolate, binge drinking, not moving your ass and so on, are all accessories of quite literally digging a deep hole for yourself. My 30+ year old self has read, researched and make endless commitments to “getting healthy”. If someone gently reminds me, I’ve been know to give the side-eye and feel victimised. I do that to myself. Blame situations or emotions on the excess kilos piling up. But the thing is, I honestly find it difficult to follow through! With all the gym memberships I’ve paid for I should be be able to balance coins on my rock solid abs, instead as I type away, I’m counting rolls *sigh* on my tum-tum.

I really get annoyed about how as an adult I’m still choosing to make the wrong decisions. The thing is that now the excess weight I’m carrying with me has already become a “problem”. That plus the fatigue-inducing symptoms of hypothyroid are basically a freak show in the making. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve really beat myself about it, but now in positive spirit (showered with some sweat and fairy dust) I’m thinking that every good idea starts with a problem. So here’s my idea, I’m going to stop hiding under the comfort of my duvet and just put myself out there, and truly believe that this change is possible.

Research tells us that abs really are made in the kitchen. I’m cleaning up my diet but not following a diet (get it?). I live for food and I’m extremely passionate about it, so yeah, eating plates of cucumber ain’t on my list. Instead I’m experimenting and finding recipes that are truly yummy and healthy and we’re calling it #nomnomnotes. Over the next few weeks expect to find content on the healthy choices I’ll be welcoming into my life.

Today we’ll start with a recipe that is as simple as it gets and has nada sugar in it. Stark contrast to the rose gelato I hunted down, right?








Banana Oat Pancakes
– 1 ripe banana
– 15 gms rolled oats
– 1 whole egg
– Pinch of cinnamon
– Fruit of your choice for topping
– Chia seeds and a drizzle of honey

I first powder the rolled oats in the processor and then follow it with the ripe banana, whole egg and cinnamon. Then in a hot pan add in a teeny bit of coconut oil (less than a tsp) and pour in the pancake batter. I make mine thin, just so I can get more out of the batter and stack ’em up. Also, its faster to too cook. This batter generally yields 3 mini pancakes. Once done, I top it up with whatever fruit I have or a blueberry compote and some organic honey for sweetness. And it’s all really that simple.